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  • Mitsubishi Chemical Corp  - Chemicals manufacturing corporation, active in petrochemicals, carbon and agrochemicals and specialty products. Intermediates for synthetic fiber production, super-absorbents and adhesives for paper a

  • http://www.m-kagaku.co.jp

  • CentralCorporation  - Distributes components for use in the HDD, semi-conductor and optical industries that also includes a line of products for use in ESD and Cleanroom environments.

  • http://www.central-corp.com

  • Mars Corporation  - Main business of Mars Corporation,Designing and selling of T-shirts,Designing and selling of trading card game,Selling PCs,Development of software.

  • http://www.mars16.com/english/index.html

  • Kasen Nozzle Mfg. Co., Ltd  - Design, development and manufacture of nozzles, parts and complete systems for spunbond, spunlace and meltblown manufacturing processes. Flow charts and system descriptions. Also, spinnerets for fiber

  • http://www.kasen.co.jp

  • Tokuden, Inc  - Manufacturer of heat transfer rolls for calendering, laminating, coating, seasoning and stretching, for the textile and nonwovens industries. Well designed site with lots of technical, product specifi

  • http://www.tokuden.com

  • Toyobo Inc  - Multi-national manufacturer of technical fibers, microfibers, high quality polyster fibers through sophisticated recycling of polyester bottles, textile and spunbond fabrics, yarns and apparel, indust

  • http://www.toyobo.co.jp/e/index.htm

  • Nitto Boseki Co.,Ltd (NittoBo)  - Producer fine E-flass yarns for weaving for PCB industry. Also produce Te-glass high strength glass, and E-glass rovings, CSM, filament mat.

  • http://www.nittobo.co.jp

  • NIF. Nippon Interior Fabrics Association  - Trade organization for manufacturers and international distributors of curtains, carpets, linens, upholstery, yarns and related products. Business news and marketing information.

  • http://www.nif.or.jp

  • Sanko A.C.P  - We have been specializing in manufacturing uniformed corporate apparel clothing and promotional corporate products to many users.

  • http://www.sanko-acp.com/

  • Kanebo Gohsen, Ltd  - Manufacturers of nylon, acrylic and polyester fibers for the textiles and nonwovens industries. Daughter company of Kanebo Spinning Corp.

  • http://www.kanebotx.com/

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