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  • Pergia.com  - Pergia Online shopping market has the biggest selection of handicrafts, Persian carpet, apparel, Middle East food, Asian Medicinal Herbs, oriental antique rug, home appliance, furniture store, engravi

  • http://www.pergia.com

  • T-Shirt, Polo Shirts Producer  - We manufacture t-shirts, sweatshirts and polo shirts for embroidery and printing companies.

  • http://siatex.com

  • CIRFS.InternationalRayonandSyntheticFibresCommittee  - Roof organization for the European man-made fiber industry. Classification and detailed descriptions for common fibers and their manufacturing processes. Business data. List of publications. Links to

  • http://www.cirfs.org

  • EDANA. European Disposables And Nonwovens Association  - Roof organization for the European nonwovens industry. Well designed site provides much technical information about the nonwovens industry, its raw materials and processing technologies, end uses, pro

  • http://www.edana.org

  • BekaertGroup  - Manufacturer of metal fibers for protective apparel and industrial purposes. Both, the textile and the nonwovens industries, utilize these fibers for the production of fabrics and felts.

  • http://www.bekaert.com/bft

  • Cotance.EuropeanLeatherAssociation  - Non-profit trade organization, dedicated to the promotion of the European leather tanning industry. Links to leather museums. Description of leather production process. Industry statistics and busines

  • http://www.cotance.com/

  • EATP. European Association for Textile Polyolefins  - Trade organization for the European polyolefin textiles industry. Members directory, news and events.

  • http://www.eatp.org

  • Luxilon Industries NV  - High-tech monofilaments, rods and strips for separation, thermo-fusible and thermo-adhesive applications in the textile and garment industries, from polyester, polypropylene and polyamide. Custom mate

  • http://www.luxilon.be

  • BISFA.InternationalBureaufortheStandardizationofMan-madeFibers  - Standardization agency of the International Association of Man-made Fiber Producers. Establishes terminology and technical rules for development, production, handling and marketing of each specific ty

  • http://www.bisfa.org

  • AEDT.EuropeanAssociationofNationalOrganizationsofTextileRetailers  - Information and statistics. Brand name databank. Calendar of trade shows and fairs.

  • http://www.aedt.org

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