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    • Kallos International Co Ltd  - produce Polyester fabric ,Knit fabric ,Mesh fabric,Nonwoven fabric,Woven fabric.

    • http://www.asiansources.com/kallos.co

    • Gau Chein Industrial Co Ltd  - manufacturing Polyester/viscose blends ,Nylon fabric ,Polyester fabric ,Jacquard ,Twill.

    • http://www.asiansources.com/gauchein.co

    • SALDARINI & SALDARINI SRL  - high end fabric for women's wear, jeanswear, sportswear in natural fibers and artificial fibers, jersey, printed, embroidered, smeared (coated).

    • http://www.saldarini-italy.com

    • Shangyu Hongqiang Color Polyester Co., Ltd.  - producing modified fiber, functional fiber, differential fiber, color fiber of polyester staple.

    • http://www.chinahongqiang.com

    • Zhongshan Da Chong Elastic Thread factory ltd.  - engaged in the production of various types of covered yarn for use at knitting, weaving, hosiery and garment factories.

    • http://www.dcxc.com.cn

    • Dern Lin Textile Co Ltd  - Mainly produce Polyester fabric ,Lining ,Nylon fabric,Mesh fabric ,Synthetic fabric, polynosic, tencel etc..

    • http://www.dlin.com.tw

    • World Textile Printing Co Ltd  - A manufacturer of nylon fabric ,Denim fabric ,Polyester/visCose blends ,Corduroy,Synthetic fabric (polynosic, tencel).

    • http://www.asiansources.com/worldtex.co

    • MECTEX SPA  - PIUMEC.Stretch and non-stretch fabrics, in hollow fiber, for fashionwear, sportswear, swimwear and underwear.

    • http://www.mectex.it

    • Zhejiang Tenhong Textile Co., Ltd.  - The company now mainly deals with series of special industrial textiles, decorative cloth, cotton elastic cloth, medium wool-like elastic cloth, and that of polyamide and cotton, in those above series

    • http://www.tenhong.com

    • Zhejiang Goldship Textiles Share Co.,Ltd.  - We specialize in producing and exporting fashion,curtain and upholstery fabrics made of chemical fibres,mixture and cotton.The annual output of fabrics is more than 15 million metres.

    • http://www.jzqf.com

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