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  • Miami International Forwarders - International transportation and customs clearance services as well as full warehousing and distribution.

  • http://www.mif.com

  • Millennium Fashion Services - Consulting services to the fashion industry. Material sourcing. Fashion forecasts and trends. Management and marketing assistance.

  • http://www.mfashions.com

  • IDEC, Ltd - Industrial consultants, focusing on telecommunications and computer networks, software, training, e-commerce and international cooperation. Management consulting services to the textile and garment in

  • http://www.idec.gr

  • ALA Recycling - consulting firm and broker specializing in plastic, waste paper, and textile waste recycling as well as silver recovery.

  • http://www.recycledfibers.com/

  • Imagine That! Consulting Group, Inc - Consultants to the apparel and textile industries. CAD/CAM technology consulting. Product marketing, and literature design and development. Web site services, hosting and design.

  • http://www.techexchange.com/imagine_that

  • Albany International Research Co. - Provides consulting, research, development, and manufacturing services related to polymers, fibers, textile materials, and their composites.

  • http://www.airesco.com

  • Independent Textile Testing Service, Inc. - provides independent testing results for the carpet and textile industry.

  • http://www.ittslab.com/

  • Influence Inc. - Complete Responsibility for total line development, from researching fabric markets to initital design concepts, through to finished samples.

  • http://www.designinfluence.com/

  • National Institute of Fashion Technology - provides under graduate and post graduate programs, as well as consulting services.

  • http://www.niftindia.com

  • American Textile Consulting - provides business research and consulting in all areas of the textile industry including nonwovens, spinning and weaving.

  • http://www.negia.net/~imptex/atc.html

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