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  • Krelus AG  - Infrared heating systems for the textile, plastics, paper and printing industries.

  • http://www.krelus.ch

  • SSM  - Swiss manufacturer of specialized winding machinery. The range of machinery, includes precision assembly and dye package winders, air-covering, gas singeing, hank to cone, sewing thread and for techni

  • http://www.ssm.ch

  • TVS. Swiss Textile Federation  - Federation of associations and employers organizations in the textile and clothing industries. Links to fairs and events. Publications, and industry related institutions and organizations.

  • http://www.swisstextiles.ch

  • ETAD. Ecological and Toxical Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers  - International organization of companies, focused on efforts to minimise the adverse impact of organic colorants on health and environment.

  • http://www.etad.com

  • Graf Co AG  - Card clothing and service machinery. Also, card erection and mounting, and customised engineering solutions.

  • http://www.graf.ch

  • ISO. International Organization for Standardization  - World wide federation of national standards institutes, promoting the development of standardization of goods and services. Very large, easily accessible site in English and French.

  • http://www.iso.ch

  • Oeko-Tex Association  - International society for research and testing in textile technology, dedicated to the development of ecologically sound standards for textile products. Links to world wide member test facilities.

  • http://www.oeko-tex.com

  • ITMF. International Textile Manufacturers Federation  - World wide membership organization for textile manufacturers and related industries.

  • http://www.itmf.org

  • Swiss Textile Federation  - Roof organization of associations and employer organizations in the Swiss textile and clothing industries. Industry data. Members directory. List of publications.

  • http://www.textilverband.ch

  • Textilcolor AG  - Development, manufacture and distribution of textile auxiliaries, dyestuffs and optical brightening agents. Detailed product catalog.

  • http://www.textilcolor.ch

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