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  • Maag Flockmaschinen GmbH  - Flocking machinery and equipment for flat surfaces and three dimensional parts, and textile products. Also, manual flocking units and test equipment.

  • http://www.maag-flock.de

  • Herbert Olbrich GmbH  - Diversified machine manufacturers, active in coating, drive and control, and automotive technologies. Coating, printing, laminating and converting machinery for the paper, textile and nonwovens indust

  • http://www.olbrich.de

  • Mayer Cie.  - Production of single and double circular knitting machines, and accessories. Agents throughout the world.

  • http://www.mayercie.de

  • Mahlo GmbH  - Automatic control and monitoring systems for textile and nonwovens manufacturing processes.

  • http://www.mahlo.com

  • Hossbach GmbH  - Electronic measuring sensors, on-line production control and data management systems for the paper, film, fabric and nonwovens industries.

  • http://www.hossbach.com

  • Tensometric Messtechnik GmbH  - On-line and hand held precision tension control instruments, and tensile force sensors for the nonwovens, textile, wire and cable, and optical fiber industries. Also, software package for machine meas

  • http://www.tensometric.com/

  • Schott & Meissner GmbH  - Design and manufacture of industrial heat-treatment systems. Thermobonding lines for the nonwovens industry. Also, complete spray-bond, and foam and bath impregnation lines

  • http://www.schott-meissner.de

  • Hacoba Spultechnik GmbH  - Manufacturer of yarn and wire winding machinery, lace braiding, braiding and a complete range of sewing threads.

  • http://www.hacoba.com/

  • Knotex Maschinenbau GmbH  - Manufacturer of warp tying machines and semi-automatic drawing-in systems.

  • http://www.knotex.de

  • Universal GmbH  - Manufacturer of knitting machines. Also, used machinery and links to trade fairs. Site can be viewed in English, Deutsch and Italiano.

  • http://www.universal.de

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